The Origin Speaks (eBook) By Guy Needler


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Have you ever thought about who or what God is or who the co-creators are? Or even, what is beyond God. What if God was indeed finite and that there was a bigger, a much bigger “infinite” being, one that  created God and the co-creators. A being that is just starting out on  the road to know what it “itself” is. A being that has just started to evolve.

In The Origin Speaks  the reader is taken beyond the Beyond the Source books to a direct dialogue with the ultimate creator, the “all there is”, the “absolute”, The “Origin”.

The Origin Speaks establishes: 

  • How The Origin itself came into being
  • How energy can become sentient or given sentience
  • The true meaning of evolution or progression
  • What the structure of The Origin is
  • Why the Source Entity (God) and the eleven other Source Entities (the co-creators) were created
  • The truth about the Hindu Vedas’ teachings of the breathing in and out of the universe
  • What we really are
  • How and why we incarnate and…..
  • What our ultimate role and destiny is


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