2014 Transformation Conference Set




17 Hours of speakers including on Friday: Ronald Chapman, Sherry O’Brian, Blair Styra, Patrick Andries,and Robert Bauval. On Saturday: Annie Stillwater Gray, Jack Churchward, Kathryn Andries, Natalie Sudman,and Robert Bauval. On Sunday: Guy Needler, Sherry Wilde, Dolores Cannon, and lastly a Speaker Panal.

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Ronald Chapman – DVD, Sherry O'Brian – DVD, Blair Styra – DVD, Patrick Andries – DVD, Robert Bauval (Friday) – DVD, Annie Stillwater Gray – DVD, Jack Churchward – DVD, Kathryn Andries – DVD, Natalie Sudman – DVD, Robert Bauval (Saturday) – DVD, Guy Needler – DVD, Sherry Wilde – DVD, Dolores Cannon – DVD, Speaker Panel – DVD, Friday – DVD, Saturday – DVD, Sunday – DVD, Full Conference – DVD, Ronald Chapman – Digital Download, Sherry O'Brian – Digital Download, Blair Styra – Digital Download, Patrick Andries – Digital Download, Robert Bauval (Friday) – Digital Download, Annie Stillwater Gray – Digital Download, Jack Churchward – Digital Download, Kathryn Andries – Digital Download, Natalie Sudman – Digital Download, Robert Bauval (Saturday) – Digital Download, Guy Needler – Digital Download, Sherry Wilde – Digital Download, Dolores Cannon – Digital Download, Speaker Panel – Digital Download, Full Conference – Digital Download


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