2015 Transformation Conference Set




16+ hours of knowledge including: Kathryn Andries, Julia Cannon, Garnet Schulhauser, Sherri Cortland, Blair Styra, Ron Chapman, Victoria Pendragon, Guy Needler, David Rivinus, Dee Wallace, Charmian Redwood, Shelly Wilson, Dolores Cannon Tribute, and last but not least the Speaker Panel.

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Kathryn Andries – DVD, Julia Cannon – DVD, Garnet Schulhauser – DVD, Sherri Cortland – DVD, Blair Styra – DVD, Ron Chapman – DVD, Victoria Pendragon – DVD, Guy Needler – DVD, David Rivinus – DVD, Dee Wallace – DVD, Charmian Redwood – DVD, Shelly Wilson – DVD, Dolores Cannon Tribute – DVD, Speaker Panel – DVD, Friday – DVD, Saturday – DVD, Sunday – DVD, Full Conference – DVD, Kathryn Andries – Digital Download, Julia Cannon – Digital Download, Garnet Schulhauser – Digital Download, Sherri Cortland – Digital Download, Blair Styra – Digital Download, Ron Chapman – Digital Download, Victoria Pendragon – Digital Download, Guy Needler – Digital Download, David Rivinus – Digital Download, Dee Wallace – Digital Download, Charmian Redwood – Digital Download, Shelly Wilson – Digital Download, Dolores Cannon Tribute – Digital Download, Speaker Panel – Digital Download, Full Conference – Digital Download


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