2017 Transformation Conference Set




11+ hours of Knowledge featuring:

  • Daniel Bird – “What Just Happened”
  • Carolyn Greer Daly – “Fullness of Spirit”
  • Kathleen Marden – “UFO’s and the Paranormal Converge”
  • Tricia McCannon (Friday’s Keynote) – “Awaken: Antarctica & the Scientific Evidence for the Existence of Ancient Advanced Civilizations on Earth”
  • Annie Stillwater Gray – “Embrace Your Spirit Helpers”
  • Janie Wells – “Embracing the Human Journey”
  • Guy Needler – “What Is Ego & How It Affects Us.”
  • Tricia McCannon (Saturday’s Keynote) – “The Shift of Ages – The Cycle of Time & The New Earth.”
  • Donna Lynn – “Translating the Alien Experience”
  • Julia Cannon – “Manifesting”

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Daniel Bird – DVD, Carolyn Greer Daly – DVD, Kathleen Marden – DVD, Tricia McCannon (Friday) – DVD, Annie Stillwater Gray – DVD, Janie Wells – DVD, Guy Needler – DVD, Tricia McCannon (Saturday) – DVD, Donna Lynn – DVD, Julia Cannon – DVD, Friday – DVD, Saturday – DVD, Sunday – DVD, Full Conference – DVD, Daniel Bird – Digital Download, Carolyn Greer Daly – Digital Download, Kathleen Marden – Digital Download, Tricia McCannon (Friday) – Digital Download, Annie Stillwater Gray – Digital Download, Janie Wells – Digital Download, Guy Needler – Digital Download, Tricia McCannon (Saturday) – Digital Download, Donna Lynn – Digital Download, Julia Cannon – Digital Download, Full Conference – Digital Download


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