2013 Transformation Conference Set




13+ hours of speakers including: Justine Alessi, Jack Churchward, Julia Cannon, Patty Greer, Garnet Schulhauser, Guy Needler, Sherri Cortland, Charmian Redwood, Kathryn Andries and Albert Cheung. Featuring Keynote Speakers: William Henry, George Noory and Dolores Cannon.

14 Disc DVD Set and also in digital format.

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Justine Alessi – DVD, Jack Churchward – DVD, Julia Cannon – DVD, Patty Greer – DVD, William Henry – DVD, Garnet Schulhauser – DVD, Guy Needler – DVD, George Noory – DVD, Sherri Cortland – DVD, Charmian Redwood – DVD, Kathryn Andries – DVD, Albert Cheung – DVD, Dolores Cannon – DVD, Full Conference – DVD, Justine Alessi – Digital Download, Jack Churchward – Digital Download, Julia Cannon – Digital Download, Patty Greer – Digital Download, William Henry – Digital Download, Garnet Schulhauser – Digital Download, Guy Needler – Digital Download, George Noory – Digital Download, Sherri Cortland – Digital Download, Charmian Redwood – Digital Download, Kathryn Andries – Digital Download, Albert Cheung – Digital Download, Dolores Cannon – Digital Download, Full Conference – Digital Download


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