Beyond the Source – Book 1 By Guy Needler


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In his first book, The History of God – A Channeled Work, Guy gave the reader an insight into how he started higher level communications and how he managed to communicate with spiritual/energetic entities while gaining insights into the wonders that are all around us and what the truth is about our legends and myths.  He also started his identification with the Origin and the Source Entity which explains the mechanics of the universe that one of its creations, The Source Entity, created.

There were actually twelve Source Entities created by the Origin (or God as we have come to call it).  This book reveals the first six of the twelve Source Entities and the work that each of them has done in their own environments which are very different to each other.

Guy found a way to communicate with each of these different Source Entities and then bring the information back and put it in a format that can be understood by those who wish to learn the knowledge.  This is deep information and is to be read with an open mind.

This is a book for those seeking deeper metaphysical information, but it is written in a style that is easily understood.


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