Finding Your Way In the Spiritual Age By Daniel Bird


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Once upon a time, God created the Universe, and populated it with creatures of all kinds. We, as humans, are one of those creatures and we are unique, we have free will. Free will allows us to choose how we will respond to everything around us: with anger, happiness, indifference, aggression, pure joy, sadness, and all points in between. All of these reactions are possible, and that is what makes us so interesting, and sometimes dangerous, selfless, difficult, generous, loving, or impossible. There are endless possibilities in every interaction, in fact, at every moment on Earth.

        The duality of existence makes this ever more interesting, too. We are human, of flesh and blood, but we are also, and more importantly, of Spirit. We have a soul, a soul that lives forever. Our human bodies are only temporary housing for our personalities, or egos, and our souls. We learn while on Earth lessons we cannot obtain in Spirit.

        This book will attempt to explain and possibly guide you in understanding the greatest desire of mankind, to know why we are here and why we exist, all told from a human perspective without esoteric jargon. In short, we are here to learn, but learn what? And how do we go about it? Is this anything like attending grammar school and onward? Not so much, this is real, this is life, the true core of why we are alive, part of everything we think and do during our lifetime on Earth. Though we are flesh and blood, with all the urges, needs, and desires that entails, we are also, at a higher level, a soul, with a whole other set of goals in mind.

        Right up front I will tell you, there is no set pattern on how to live a Spiritual life; each person has their own path, with goals and experiences to encounter. It is how we respond, how we react, and what we learn from the events and relationships that teach us. Confusing? Sort of, but it gets clearer. This concept is not difficult, but our society has so clouded the truth that breaking loose from past beliefs and some ways of thinking is challenging. Humans find safety in traditional lines of thought, especially when shared with others and instilled over the course of a lifetime. Sometimes important information is left out. Information is power, and when people know they have the power they can threaten the standard belief systems. I believe some of the basic truths about the world of Spirit have been hidden from much of mankind. We are taught certain “facts” in specific ways in our churches and social groups, and most of what we are taught has been handed down from previous generations. Some things have been twisted a bit, or left out, and armed with some of this knowledge we can more easily think for ourselves, make up our own minds, and find our true Spiritual path. No one person, or group, or nation, or religion has the corner on truth. Each of us, individually, has equal power to decide, to seek, and to find the truth for ourselves. The Spiritual truth is here, and the time is now. A wonderful life of your own choosing is waiting for you if you understand how to make the connections.


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