Out of the Archives – Earth Changes By Aron Abrahamsen


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For 25 years Aron Abrahamsen gave over 7000 life readings for people all over the world. He and his wife Doris also lectured and conducted seminars, conferences and workshops about his psychic work. He was in great demand because of the accuracy of his readings. During those years he discovered astonishing information, much of which has never been made public.

This book tells of his journey from being a respected electrical engineer in the aerospace industry to psychic reader of great renown.

He has pulled information from his vast archives about:
*    Earth Changes
*    The Pole Shift
*    The Last Days of Atlantis
*    What will happen in the New Century
*    A Map of the United States after the Earth Changes

We are quickly moving into the times that Aron saw and documented. Now is the appropriate time for his work to join the others who are giving their predictions to the world, so we may be prepared for the coming times of change.


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