Dancing on a Stamp (Audio Book) By Garnet Schulhauser



Have you ever stared at your image in the mirror and wondered how you got here? Did God select this life for you, or did the universe assign it by chance? When you die will you go to Heaven or Hell, or will you merely cease to exist – disappearing into nothingness? Is all that stuff you learned in Sunday school the real truth, or just a lot of hooey?

Most adults on this planet ask these questions at one time or another without finding answers that make sense. Then one day a homeless man named Albert steps out of the shadows and answers all of your questions in a way that will rock your worldview and change the course of your life. That’s what happened to Garnet. The shocking revelations of Albert (one of his Spirit Guides) flew in the face of everything that Christian holy men had been preaching for hundreds of years and provided refreshing new insights into the journey of the soul. A few centuries ago one would have been burnt at the stake for espousing such heresy.

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