A New Earth Rising (eBook) By Charmian Redwood


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We have passed through the portal of December 21, 2012 so now all of the energies on the planet are set for us to ascend into our Light bodies where we live from our own Divine Consciousness in a physical body. The Earth is returning to the Garden where all is peace and harmony once more. Charmian used hypnosis to guide 18 people forward into the New Earth to experience what it will be like. Each one had the same experience of being joyful, physically healed, vibrant and everything restored to harmony and peace. In A New Earth Rising she shares information about the steps we need to take in order prepare ourselves and our loved ones to move smoothly into the new world of Peace. We have the power as Divine Humans to co-create this shift on The Earth with ease and gentleness. Mother Earth is birthing herself into a new light form just as we, as humans, are birthing ourselves into our Divinity. We can make the difference between an easy birth and a traumatic one by choosing to move consciously into the New Era of peace and love. This is a book of hope and inspiration at a time of great chaos in our world.


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