The Stone Tablets of Mu (eBook) By Jack Churchward


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This work is an examination of a previously “not publicly available” portion of James Churchward’s writings. In Copies of Stone Tablets Found by William Niven at Santiago Ahuizoctla Near Mexico City (1927), James’ early ideas and interpretations of the Valley of Mexico Tablets are presented and nine of the twenty-two tablets are revealed for the first time.

James Churchward’s writings (some six other books) presented his groundbreaking theories and proofs of an ancient advanced civilization in the Pacific Ocean. Churchward;s research into the subject spanned several decades, starting from his time in India where he was taught to read the ancient Naacal tablets, a repository of wisdom from a time before savagery.

Churchward’s study of the Naacal tablets indicated that the Garden of Eden was not in Asia, but was the now sunken Pacific Ocean continent that he called Mu and that the Biblical story of creation as well as all civilization originated there. Churchward’s recognition that the Naacal Brotherhood also composed the tablets William Niven discovered, places their ancient wisdom and knowledge in our laps and offers the opportunity to impart the same to the reader.


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