And Jesus Said (eBook) By Henry Michaelson


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“And Jesus Said: A Conversation”

by Henry Michaelson

What if it were possible to have a conversation with Jesus and ask him anything you could think of? Just suppose it were possible, and you had the opportunity! What would you think of to ask? A man, who calls himself a “closet” psychic had such an opportunity. During his regular meditation while speaking with his spirit guides Jesus put in an appearance and joined in the conversation. He had a chance to ask the questions many of us have always wondered about but were too discouraged by the Church. They would consider such an idea as heresy. * Are you a savior? * Did you perform miracles? * Why were you crucified? * Did you come back to life after your crucifixion? * What do you think of the church and the religion that has been built around you? * What is prayer? * Is reincarnation real? * What is the higher Self? He found the answers to these questions and much more. Is the book accurate or does it contain inaccuracies? Jesus answered, “My statement to you and to this world is that it does not matter. In reality, you cannot prove or disprove any of it. You can only believe what you choose to believe while others choose to believe what they wish. It is for you to grow to a place to be comfortable with your world as it is and with yourself as you are.” So, read and ask questions with an open mind.


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