Huskovic, Edin

Author Edin Husković was born in Mostar in 1973 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has published five books so far:

1. Opet Strah (Fear Again), Prva književna komuna, First literary commune, Mostar, 1991, poetry.

2. Pustinjak (Hermit), Edicija Rondo, Rondo edition, Mostar, 1996, a collection of fragmentary prose.

3. Istok, Balkan, Zapad (East, Balkan, West), Slovo, Letter, Mostar, 2000, a collection of stories.

4. Dnevnik iz Utrobe (Diary from the bowels), Zigo, Rijeka, Croatia, 2007, a novel reviewed by Predrag Matvejević, the most translated writer from former Yugoslavia in the world.

5. Poslanica Južnim Slavenima (God is a Woman), the publisher in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Center for Critical Thought, and the publisher for the English-speaking area is Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2023.

He is an author of the column at „Tačno“(Exactly) Internet portal ( ), where he publishes underground stories together with the most renowned authors from the area of the former Yugoslavia.

He lives and works in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.





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