God Is A Woman by Edin Huskovic


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It may well be that you label the book in front of you as a natural continuation of the stream of thoughts in those fragments where your thoughts stopped – or where your life stopped. It may well be that you are caught off-guard and unprepared in front of a text offered by the book “God is a Woman”. You may find as well, by reading the text which follows, that your religious, spiritual or national feelings cherished by you for years are shaken and questioned too. All in all, book “God is a Woman” will not leave you indifferent. And that is our only goal – that after you read first five chapters of the book you simply do not remain indifferent. And whether you will keep on reading the book with enthusiasm or throw it away from you in resignation, let it be your choice only. Even if we could we do not have the intention to make an influence on that decision – anytime and anywhere. Except that we propose that together with us you try to tread on your own Path of Onedifference. (Or Singlediversity)


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