Quinn, Alexander

I was different from those at school. A black sheep and yet it had occurred to me that I might have abilities that allowed me to see beyond the humdrum 3D world and accepted attitudes that are often prescribed to us throughout the indoctrination that accoures upon reincarnating into a lower density. My mother was psychic and my great grandmother was one of few survivors of the Titanic. Upon having a premonition that the boat would sink, she alighted at Ireland and lived to hear of the tragedy from dry land. I however used my abilities within creative fields and led a more 3D life to begin with. It wasn’t until later that the energies that run within my bloodline began to emerge.      

I had been working as a singer songwriter within the music industry until such time that I had an accident in Nashville. I found myself awaking in a hospital having life changing perceptual and spiritual awakenings that would change me forever. Following this there were ET occurrences, lights in the sky and orbs which were now visible within rooms I would walk into followed by a strange ringing in the ears! I knew I had come to earth with a purpose, but it was not triggered until I began to follow the work of Nancy Ann Tappe ( a synesthete ) who diagnosed the colours of people’s auras linking these attributes to their personalities and talents. Within the late 60s and 70s she became aware of a new colour aura surrounding souls arriving that had been unseen before, and named it after its colour. Indigo. Since then they have become known as the Indigo Children, Starseeds, and Lightorkers. 

This led me to the phenomenon of starseeds, and why these special souls were flooding to earth at this time. Consequently, I became a leading voice within this field ( being a starseed myself ) exploring how humans were changing regarding their psychic abilities, DNA, and how this was related to a new kind of human being created on earth at this time alongside the new souls rushing in. It dawned on me that we were taking a huge evolutionary jump from Homo-sapien to Homo-luminous within a very small increment of time and it became my highest excitement to journal and uncover the deep understanding and secret knowledge of this time of potential human evolution.  

I now live in the UK and work as a spiritual/metaphysical coach and help people on their evolutionary journey into 5D+, or more importantly, helping people connect to the power within, source energy and become their true multidimensional self. I often venture to Earth’s heart chakra where I love to meditate up on the Tor within the spiritual town of Glastonbury nestled away in sleepy Somerset. I spend a great deal of time speaking about energies on youtube and follow the ascension cycles as they blow the sails of humanity into the new earth whilst watching the energies grow and grow!

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