Rayburn, Debra

Debra J. Rayburn has over 20 years experience in the alternative health field with an emphasis on Phytotherapy as well as the use of other nutritional supplements including amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.  She has spent numerous years researching natural approaches to health and wellness, and has collected extensive information about the medicinal properties of plants as well as other natural, noninvasive modalities that enhance the body’s natural healing powers.  Debra is an accomplished sculptor, a gifted writer of poetry, and a practitioner of various therapeutic modalities including aromatherapy, meditation, relaxation therapy, healing touch, and reflexology, as well as other wellness therapies to include art, music, and color.  Her interest in the plant kingdom has stemmed since childhood.  Exploring field and forest, she would stop to closely examine the wide variety of plants and flowers she would come across.  A miracle indeed, that a creation of such beauty and simplicity can be utilized in the health and wellness of all.  Debra currently lives in the Rocky Mountain region.     




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