Time: The Second Secret By Kathryn Andries


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This book challenges our preconceived ideas about time, and serves as a roadmap for manifesting our desires quickly. Although time is an illusion from the spiritual perspective, it affects almost every aspect of our physical lives. Time: The Second Secret show us how we can free ourselves from time constraints with meditation, breath work, past life regression, visualization and more!

It’s tempting to blame other people or circumstances when things in our life become stagnant, yet we are always the cause that determines how fast or slow things happen. Get ready to learn an effective way to speed up time by changing our vibration. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in a lesson that slows us down. The techniques in this book will help us master lessons and avoid common time traps so we can continue moving forward. Take a deep dive into our soul’s plan for unfoldment with astrology and numerology. These intuitive tools allow us to take advantage of future possibilities and plan important events. We’ll also discover our inner clock, known as intuition. This powerful sixth sense will always guide us towards our life purpose and help us avoid detours along the way. Use this book to save time and energy while having more fun on our life journey!

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  1. Ozark Administrators

    First, let’s talk about the author. I know Kathryn Andries. We have both been speakers at more than one Ozark Mountain Transformation Conferences, and I loved every one of her talks as much as I’ve loved reading all of her books. She has studied and taught metaphysics over two decades, and the information she has shared through the years is invaluable to those of us on our Spiritual journey.
    Secondly, let’s talk about the title of Kathryn’s new book. To be clear, I will read anything and everything I can get my hands on about time. And so, I didn’t give the name of her new book a second thought until I actually started reading It and realized the significance of the title: Learning how to manifest is a skill that The Secret illuminated for the masses, and now Kathryn has taken manifesting to the next level by sharing the second secret, which is the significance of time as we work to master this skill.
    And thirdly, let’s talk about the book itself. This is a hard one because I don’t want this review filled with “spoilers,” but it’s hard to avoid them. Okay, so, who among us has tried to manifest something and it hasn’t happened for us? We can justify that by assuming that what we communicated perhaps wasn’t in alignment for our highest and best good. Well, that’s possible, but as Kathryn illustrates in a make-sense, easy-to-understand and apply manner, it’s time to take time into consideration.
    As Kathryn notes, time is the often-ignored and less-understood part of the manifestation process, and her presentation of Time: The Second Secret, includes…
    An exploration of how time is measured, and the difference between time in the physical and spiritual realms, so that we can confront the paradox of time.
    How to work on ourselves so that we can tap into our intuition and allow it to guide us so we don’t waste time with people and things that slow us down.
    The importance of visualization in the overall process.
    An in-depth study of six universal laws that specifically relate to time.
    How numerology and astrology fit in.
    And much more.
    This is a wholly new way to look at the manifestation process, to better understand it, and to utilize various tools that have always been at our fingertips to (1) help us manifest more quickly; and (2) not abandon our desires because they didn’t manifest quickly enough. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to read this tome again as I fine tune my own method of manifestation to include the second secret.

    Sherri Cortland

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