The Forgiveness Workshop From Higher Self/Spirit By Cat Baldwin


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“No one is to blame for how you feel.”  Dismissing and pushing down an emotion or experience does not constitute forgiveness.   Stop blaming others for your life circumstances and daily way of being and become an empowered person!

Work the “Forgiveness Formula” for freedom and partake in the “Forgiveness Workshop from Higher Self/Spirit” as our participants share insights, painful experiences, triggers and emotions, to release and true forgiveness.

Complete with a step by step Workbook, the forgiveness formula will support you in stepping out of victimhood and into your power and your true divine state of being in happiness, joy and peace!

2 reviews for The Forgiveness Workshop From Higher Self/Spirit By Cat Baldwin

  1. Ozark Administrators

    Michelle Lindquist’s review of Cat Baldwin’s The Forgiveness Workshop

    Life can be a challenge; even on the easiest of days. However, when it comes to battles with ego and making effective spiritual progress, sometimes we just need a gentle push to get us started . Cat Baldwin’s The Forgiveness Workshop is exactly the right book at the right time to help you find your own way back to yourself and back to your own authentic truth.

    When I started to reconsider the difficult situations in my life as happening “for me” rather than happening “to me,” as prescribed in the book, it helped me to better understand that every connection I have made, positive or negative, has been an exercise in learning to love myself better. As Cat says, these people or situations (what she calls “agents of change”) are often the catalysts who move us forward and toward spiritual growth when we most need to be moved. Our adverse experiences are our best teachers, yet for some reason we are quick to forgive others but not to forgive ourselves. Instead, we drag our internal baggage with us, from situation to situation and relationship to relationship, and in so doing, we may never release the pain that we need to let go. Cat’s message on this is clear: “the benefits of learning to follow your heart’s promptings will be the ability to bring your mental and emotional faculties into greater alignment with your true self.” When alignment is missing, forgiveness is even more necessary.

    Your true self is a forgiving self! Through various techniques and succinctly composed steps, Cat’s encouraging words will guide you through this process of learning to love, accept, and forgive yourself, so that you can learn to love, accept, and forgive others with the same devotion, compassion, and empathy. It is a simple guide for what should be a simple process; however, while emotions are never simple, Cat teaches us that with a bit of reframing and reconnecting to ourselves, we can find our way.

  2. Ozark Administrators

    The forgiveness workshop:

    Forgiveness is scary. For those who want freedom from their past but are afraid to take the deep dive into forgiveness, this book makes it very approachable. With it’s easy to read format, engaging stories and compassionate approach, Cat Baldwin takes you on a journey of healing from the heart so you can forgive yourself and others and live your best life!

    Patricia D.

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