Psycho-Spiritual Healing By Guy Needler


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There are many illnesses, physical diseases and mental dysfunctions that simply cannot be cured by modern medicine or psychological techniques and remain misunderstood or un-treatable. Unfortunately this results in a poor prognosis for the quality of life of sufferer, whose life can be intolerable .

What however, if the plethora of misunderstood and un-treatable issues could be healed with techniques beyond physical science, by working on the energetic and spiritual levels

Wouldn’t that be a miracle!

In this book the reader will understand the true underlying reasons for illness, disease and mental health issues and heal them with the use of the following techniques:

  • Chelation (basic energy balancing)
  • Chakra and Organ reconstruction
  • Past life healing and Psychic surgery
  • Energy template reconstruction
  • Astral entity removal and Astral mucus clearing
  • Virus clearing
  • Spine cleansing
  • Brain balancing
  • Hara line healing
  • Psycho-Spiritual re-programming where deep routed psychological issues, habits and their physical manifestations are corrected and healed.


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