Divine Gifts of Healing – My Life with Spirit (Audio Book) By Cat Baldwin


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What does it look like to live from your soul and higher true self and not your ego, social agreement, familial and ancestral lineage?  Do we all have gifts beyond this realm?  Do you have Ascended Masters, Archangels, Spirit Guides and ancestors waiting to assist you? 

What would it look like if you did and were in communication/relationship with them, could see, hear or sense them and knew they were providing you with Divine guidance in living into your soul’s purpose, happiness and joy?

When tragedy strikes would you trust that it’s for your highest good or would you be angry, feel abandoned and lose faith.  How would you respond when facing your perpetrator, from ego or your spirit self?

Journey with Cat Baldwin through the lessons, losses and teaching guidance co-created with Spirit and the miracles that follow.  What do the Egyptians have to offer us?  Do you recall past life experiences?  How does your spirit body relate to your organs and your physical wellbeing? 

Share in the Forgiveness Workshop from Higher Self Spirit and learn true forgiveness.  Share personal healing sessions and experiences provided by Spirit for the healing of humanity and the creation of the New Earth Energies.


From My Heart to Yours, With Light and Love, You are a Spark of Divinity,


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