2023 Ozark Mountain UFO Conference DVD Set


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The 35th Annual Ozark Mountain UFO Conference featured Speakers:

Friday Speakers:

  • Yeme Jeanee “Farsight, Remote Viewing, and the Extraterrestrials”
  • Trey Hudson “The Meadow Project: Explorations into the South’s Skinwalker Ranch”
  • Ben Hansen (Keynote) “UFO Disclosure: Is there a plan?”

Saturday Speakers:

  • Kristi Pederson “We Are Not Alone… My Extraterrestrial Contact”
  • Katie Paige “High Strangeness on a Colorado Ranch”
  • Peter Robbins “Wilhelm Reich and UFOs, Preceded by a Brief Introduction to His Life and Work”
  • Chief Sean Cahill (Keynote) “Conclusions of a Career Investigator and Lifelong Experiencer”

Sunday Speakers:

  • Terry Lovelace “Incident at Devils Den, a true story …”
  • Speaker Panel

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