Wilson, Arthur

D. Arthur just may be a Selfish Bastard, but then again, it takes one to know one!

Humorously crafted and superbly executed, Wilson’s enticing narrative examines the human condition while it observes the human condition. The pages engage the reader and takes them on an unexpected journey… a journey into themselves… ourselves.

D. Arthur likes to joke that he is an expert in the field of behavior and believes himself always to be behaving… just sometimes badly! Wilson offers wit and wisdom earned from the school of Hard Knox and humorously poses profound questions that are sure to penetrate the hearts and minds of the readers searching to find answers about those selfish bastards in their lives and what in the world to do with them. Even if “we” are the “them”.

A celebrated Professional Artist for over four decades with installations and collectors worldwide, Wilson’s latest art form is with pen and paper… words. D. Arthur was gifted with a world-wide pandemic, plenty of time on his hands and even a shattered collar bone to boot. All these circumstances came together to provide D. Arthur with the necessary time and motivation to write his inaugural self-help book. Or at least, it took away all his excuses.

Wilson shares life with his gorgeous wife Lisa, four phenomenal sons, daughters-in-law, a wonderful mother-in-law and four amazing granddaughters, all of which he selfishly adores.





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