Tadevosyan, Artur

I am a Company Director of 30 staff members and an Armenian Polytechnic Masters Graduate.

I have owned my Business for 25 years, managing and training people from all walks of life. I lived the younger years of my life growing up in Soviet Union Armenia with my Wife and 2 daughters. We lived there in a time of difficulty and extreme poverty caused by the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union. My journey unexpectedly led myself and my family to Johannesburg, South Africa, to a land with a language I could not speak and a society that was completely new to me.

These difficult and challenging circumstances are a colossal part of what led to the awakening of my spiritual journey and helping others through the trials and tribulations we face in everyday life.

My lifetime of self-studies in Philosophy and Religion gave me a greater understanding of life, humanity and our Soul’s purpose. Leading me to writing my first Book, Croton, which came to me through conscious channelling.



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