Prentis, Joanna

Joanna Prentis was born in Bangalore in southern India. When she was two her family returned to Scotland where she spent her childhood and teenage years. After leaving school she traveled extensively, married and lived in Hong Kong for two years and then ten years in the Australian bush in Western Australia, where her three daughters were born. It was there that her interest began in alternative medicine and education, organic farming, metaphysics and meditation. With a local nurse, she ran a homeopathic and Radionic practice.

On returning to the UK Joanna Prentis trained as a Montessori teacher and educated her two youngest daughters at home for a few years. Her daughter Tatanya now lives in America, and Katinka and Larissa in southwest England. She now has two beautiful granddaughters.

Joanna Prentis did several healing courses and has a foundation diploma in Humanistic Psychology. She also trained with Ursula Markham and has a diploma in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Therapy.

With her daughter Tatanya, Joanna Prentis set up the Starlight Centre in 1988, a center for healing and the expansion of consciousness. She has introduced us to many innovative techniques and interesting people.

Working with Stuart and her other regression subjects for this book was the most amazing experience Joanna Prentis has ever had with any of her clients. The information that poured forth was incredible and the energies in the room were so blissful and powerful. The happiness of being with Jesus was out of this world and breathtaking, but the sadness and confusion after the crucifixion were a complete contrast. She hopes this book will convey some of this. It is an amazing story and one she feels whose time has come. Joanna made her transition in November, 2020.




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