Orr, Gabrielle

Gabrielle Orr has been personally and professionally connected to physical and spiritual healing throughout her life.  Born in Germany, she underwent several surgeries very early in life due to a deformed hip.  It was during these times that she had her very first conscious experience with her Akashic Records.

In her native country, she worked with mentally and physically disabled children, teenagers and counseled their families. When she was in her early twenties, her husband had been faultlessly involved in a car accident, which resulted in a spinal cord injury between the C5 – C6 vertebrae.  The couple’s strong belief in self-healing resulted in a level of mobility that was unheard of by the medical society.  Eventually the medical research center for spinal cord injuries at the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami invited the young couple to the United States to partake in their research program.  The prolonged visits to the US eventually lead to a permanent relocation to US.

Since then Gabrielle has been relentlessly interested in all forms of healing and self-development on all levels.  She started to learn how to access the Akashic Records in a professional way at age 24 and has facilitated thousands of Akashic Record readings over the past 25 years. 

Today her focus is mainly on teaching others how to connect to their own higher power in her workshops internationally.

She is a resourceful and intuitive teaching professional, highly trained in a wide variety of metaphysical studies such as healing touch, body talk, EFT, feng shui, family constellations, and many more. She is talented at helping students open their hearts, feel confident, and maintain an open mind and has proven her ability to maintain a highly motivated and interactive class environment. Gabrielle Orr offers individualized support and provides positive encouragement to ensure that each student succeeds. As a collaborative educator with outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, she succeeds in cultivating and sustaining strong relationships within the class community.

Gabrielle Orr’s first book on the Akashic Records, “Akashic Records One True Love, A Practical Guide To Access The Akashic Records” has been a best seller in Germany and Poland.

Gabrielle’s second book, “Let Miracles Happen”, is a reminder to the reader of his or her own power. It teaches them how their mind, and therefore their lives, work by providing them with simple yet detailed information on how they can break the cycle of unhealthy habits and self-destructive beliefs, which are usually formed subconsciously.

“Let Miracles Happen” is written for anyone that is interested in metaphysics, spirituality and self-discovery. The reader will benefit from the content whether they are familiar with the Akashic Records or have never even heard of them.  In this sense, the Akashic Records are compatible with the knowledge from the “A Course in Miracles” teachings.  

For an easier comprehension and utilization of the information, the book moves back and forth between scientific facts and investigative research conducted by the author. This work addresses the research of e.g. Rupert Sheldrake; Morphogenetic Field, Bruce Lipton; Biogenetics and Anne Harrington; The Placebo Effect, and case histories from numerous Akashic Records Consultations to demonstrate how to practically integrate the scientific research into one’s life.

Creating a happier life for ourselves is not just done by following the law of attraction.  The law of attraction holds some very important information for all of us but it is really only the beginning of our empowerment.

The case histories also allow the readers to recognize themselves in these transformational stories and empower them to take charge of their own happiness.

The deeper content of this work is in examining the roots of our patterns and problems, which hides the answer to the question of “why do people with the same illness respond differently to the same treatment?”  Once we understand the origin of our issues, we can find the proper solution for each individual case.

The book’s comprehensive guidelines, meditations and tips are proven to be successful; they are explained in detail and are easy to integrate into anyone’s daily life.










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