Alessi, Justine A.

Justine Alessi is a Master Tarot Reader and Teacher of the Tarot who brings over a decade of practical experience to the table. She has read the cards for people from almost every state in the Union, and word-of-mouth has people seeking her out for her wisdom and accuracy. Justine Alessi’s uncanny accuracy makes believers out of the skeptical, and those who are initially the most hesitant are usually the first to try to acquire more of her time and talents. A former librarian, her interest in the Tarot was sparked by the parade of Tarot books published in the late 1980’s. Feeling there was an inadequacy in the description of the cards, she began to compile her observations from years of readings. Justine Alessi is no stranger to writing, having penned many articles on the metaphysical and writing a newspaper column. Justine Alessi resides in Northeast Ohio with her husband, Robert and is the mother of two grown children. This is Justine Alessi’s first book, though she is presently developing several more books regarding the Tarot, positive affirmation techniques and other metaphysical topics.





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