Journey For Life by Jack Cauley

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Journey for Life is a family saga which details what one family executes when the United States went into a Great Depression and jobs were almost impossible to find. When Bill Dykes, an out of work coal miner lost his job, he and his family of four erected a home site on the bed of a flatbed truck in order to have a place to live and also to travel and find work. Commerce across the world almost came to a standstill, and no large industries were hiring anyone, because they were either laying off workers or closing down. The Dykes family drove south, and Bill Dykes found small jobs for peace meal pay, however, he earned sufficient money to feed his family and also help a few others who were less fortunate.

In 1929, when the depression began, Franklin Roosevelt was not in office and Social Security or any other federal benefit was unheard of. The most fortunate families in the U.S. during The Great Depression were farmers, fishermen, trappers, hunters, or anyone who had a job working with food products within the canning process, because they had food to eat, which meant survival for their families. The novel details how one family worshiped, worked, traveled, and lived as they kept moving from one State to another, always praying to find steady work in order to settle down in one location and belong to a local church and make lasting friends.

When the Dykes family became multi-billionaires their first priority was to establish food centers in large cities that had the largest populations, because most of the authorities were giving their citizens a slice of bread with a bowl of soup once a day. And not one day passed that the Dykes family failed to keep the poor unfortunate people across the U.S. foremost on their minds in order to try and help them. Journey for Life is not a formula about how to handle resources, but it is a synopsis of what wealth can do to help our fellowman.


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