Imagining the Unimaginable (eBook) By Richard Rowe


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Innocent people are suffering. Terrorism, war, mass murders, and crime are in the headlines every day. I hear reports of a drive-by shooting. I watch the news and witness recent actions of groups inflicting pain on innocent men, women, and children. Empathy kicks in and I imagine how it would feel to suffer like the victims.

I ask myself how people can treat other human beings so bad?

Then I tell myself I am thankful for my life and say a prayer for those who are suffering. Others may volunteer, donate and help out. We do what we can.

I try to shift my focus to stories about good people who are helping others. Some of us meditate, others pray. Some read, exercise, watch TV, or focus inward.

After a time, the internal storm passes. We continue on with our lives and let the following questions linger.

  • Why do innocent people suffer?
  • What’s the point of suffering?
  • Why are we here?


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