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This is a book about the crystal skulls, and about past lives and their stories. It is the journey of a soul, mine. I am a past life therapist and when Native American elders brought crystal skulls to England on the Wolf Song tour in 1998, I knew I had to have a private sitting with the ancient quartz skull known as Sha Na Ra. I asked the skull a question about my life and my future, and it showed me the answer in a picture that appeared deep within its crystal. The picture was detailed and sharp.

So the mysterious things I’d read about the skulls were true!

And if they were true, that meant the legend of the crystal skulls was worthy of research—using my skills with past life recall. Regression has been my passion for over thirty years now, and the legend troubled me, because it runs like this:

 Native American legends tell of thirteen ancient crystal skulls, the size of human skulls, which hold information vital for the very survival of the human race at a pivotal point in time—and though they’ve been scattered and hidden, one day they will be brought back together to save us from disaster.

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  1. James A. Cox

    In the pages of “Holy Ice: Past Lives & Crystal Skulls”, author Paulinne Delcour-Min takes us on a breathtaking journey through time, to the heart of the mystery of the crystal skulls. Revered by shamans, held by indigenous peoples, displayed in the museums of the world, the crystal skulls are ancient artifacts that can inspire us to awaken to our power.
    Change is coming: global warming, pollution. Today’s environmental crisis shows that the old ways aren’t working. We can’t stop change, but we can choose to work with it and bring in a Golden Age. In “Holy Ice: Past Lives & Crystal Skulls”, past life memories researched through regression span from Atlantis to the present day, building a cosmic vision for the future — underscoring that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.
    Within the pages of “Holy Ice: Past Lives & Crystal Skulls” are to be found the secrets of time.
    Critique: An inherently fascinating, impressive informative, exceptionally well organized, and thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ in presentation, “Holy Ice: Past Lives & Crystal Skulls” is an especially original and unreservedly recommended addition to personal, professional, community, and college/university library Contemporary Metaphysical Studies collections.
    Editorial Note: Paulinne Delcour-Min lives with her husband on the northeast coast of England. Paulinne loves the beauty of plants and her garden is an intimate place brimming with flowers. Gardening is her joy and provides a good counterbalance to the heady work of past lives and healing through time. As she says, gardening is a very grounding activity. Her eyes are on the stars and our future, but her hands and her heart are firmly committed to the Earth. She is here to make a difference.

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