Headless Chicken By Manuela Stoerzer


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This is an attempt to share from a soul perspective,  how mind and emotions work and influence and how any situation, problem and trauma can be perceived in different ways and create distortions and false beliefs.  And also how this drama can be healed once we realize who we really are. This book wants to inspire others to question who or what they are, to free themselves from limiting and separating ideas, to surrender to a higher power that we are part of, to find trust, love and joy.

Many people have asked me about the three months experience in the Peruvian jungle when I came back. They wanted to find out whether Ayahuasca would be the solution to heal from suffering. I don’t think so. My humble opinion after the Amazon experience is, that prayer, deep meditation or experiences in nature can help transcend suffering just as much. It’s about us being conscious, present, com-passionate, and responsible to allow love in (crack the nut) and to share that love.

Here, I just share my experiences with Ayahuasca, and what that meant in respect of my life experience and personal background. It is important to point out that other people’s experiences are other people’s experiences and nothing more. What that means for me, is not what it means for you. Everybody has their own perspective, frames of mind, background and path. And yet, we have very similar mechanisms going and we are made of the same stuff. Sometimes, being understanding and compassionate with others can help to apply the same kindness to ourselves.


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