Edgar Cayce and the Unfulfilled Destiny of Thomas Jefferson Reborn (Audio Book) By Joanne DiMaggio




On June 23, 1936, Edgar Cayce, the most renowned psychic of the 20th century and the father of holistic medicine, gave a Life Reading for Thomas Jefferson (T.J.) Davis, the two-day old nephew of his secretary, Gladys Davis. In this Reading, Cayce identified one of the child’s past lives as that of Thomas Jefferson, adding this stunning prediction—that he “may become more important in the affairs of the WORLD than this entity in its previous experience has been to America—Thomas Jefferson.” This book examines all the reasons why that prediction never happened. It is an endearing look at the relationship between Cayce and young T.J., who was tutored by Cayce for the first nine years of the boy’s life in preparation for the great work ahead of him. But it also explores how decisions made by T.J.’s absentee parents put their son’s soul on a totally different path. For those who make the assumption that a soul that reaches the greatness of a Thomas Jefferson would continue its upward trajectory, this book clearly illustrates the role that free will plays in the outcome of any life. It is a classic case of karma in action, of synchronistic events that make one cringe to think how close and yet how far T.J. was from being the redemption of the world.

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  1. Ozark Administrators

    When I was starting out on my spiritual journey in the early 1980’s, I read every Cayce book available. I joined the Association for Research & Enlightenment and took several classes, including one about past life regression when it was held in New Jersey, not too far from where I lived in upstate New York. So, obviously, when I saw the title of this book, “Edgar Cayce and the Unfulfilled Destiny of Thomas Jefferson Reborn” how could I resist?
    And thank goodness I didn’t. I read this fabulous tome in one day. I could not put it down. I called my pal, Heidi, and insisted she read it right away. And the big obstacle for me, as I write this review, is that I do not want to give it all away.
    As you pick up this volume, before you start to read, ask yourself the following questions…
    What if you had a life reading by Cayce when you were just a few days old and he told your parents and your aunt that you were not only the reincarnation of Thomas Jefferson, but also of Alexander the Great; not to mention important lifetimes in Atlantis and France?
    Take it a step further:
    What if you were then told that this baby would do for the WORLD what Thomas Jefferson did for the United States of America?
    How would you react? How would you handle your parenting duties? Would the pressure be too much too much for you to deal with or would you do everything in your power to make sure that this child got the attention and education necessary to help him fulfill his destiny?
    Let’s take it another step further:
    What if you were this child? How would you handle such knowledge?
    Here’s a quote from the book to pull these thoughts together:
    “This was the auspicious start of T.J.’s life with his future spread out like a magnificent buffet table of possibilities. Everyone knew the reading well—not only those who were present that day, but scores of other individuals who heard that this extraordinary soul was now in the care of the Davis and Cayce families. But no one knew that reading better than T.J., as Gladys [his aunt and Cayce’s Assistant] read it to him nightly as one would a bedtime story.
    So now the stage is set. The players have read the script. All they needed to do was to perform their part until he came of age and could continue the course to fulfill his destiny.”
    Was this destiny fulfilled? I will not spoil the fun and awe of reading this book for yourself, as Joanne DiMaggio takes us through the tale of T.J. from birth through his 70’s. This story is well written, and beyond fascinating. As I said earlier, I could not put it down.
    Sherri Cortland

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