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Life doesn’t end. Reality isn’t fixed. Time doesn’t work the way you think. Even the universe, despite its size, is surprisingly aware of and attuned to each of us. Then come those moments when all boundaries dissolve, worlds merge, and we are given glimpses into how connected everything is.

Call Me Jonah is the story of an ordinary man who experiences such extraordinary moments starting in childhood and that continue throughout his lifetime. Afraid of ridicule, he keeps hidden what he learns from each mystical encounter for decades. Until a random meeting with street prophet ultimately convinces him to share his journey and the remarkable insights acquired along the way.

Only God could write a story so touching as this through the words of Will Alexander.’

– Courtney Force, author of Soul Dancer

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  1. Courtney Force

    Call Me Jonah is a book about a seemingly ordinary man who experiences a lifetime of extraordinary encounters beyond the known borders of reality. I believe (and have seen firsthand) that many of us, have similar metaphysical moments in our lives. We often brush them off, ignore them, or try to explain them away, but if you look a little closer, these moments tell a deeper story. You know the moments I’m talking about, when a higher reality, heaven maybe, touches earth, all boundaries dissolve, and our souls remember how connected everything is. Woven into the fabric of daily life, and its hardships and stresses, Jonah’s otherworldly scenes unfold naturally, rhythmically, and with so much purpose.
    I found myself unable to put the book down and was brought to tears many times while reading it. The emotions evoked by this story resonate so pure, that I almost felt them as my own. You can’t make these things up; only God can write a story so touching and he does so brilliantly through the words of Will Alexander.
    I should know. His book might have saved my life, spiritually speaking, when I was trying to make sense of my own encounters.
    In 2013, midway through college in California and all that came along with it—the intense studying, rampant social distractions, and uncertainty of what my future “in the real world” would bring— I suddenly, unexpectedly began to have a profound spiritual awakening. It seemingly came out of nowhere. Nobody else around me could understand what I was going through and I felt terribly alone.
    It was then that I met the author. He served as a faculty member and administrator at the same school. Among students, he was known for being one of the only higher-ups we could trust. We could tell that his interest in us was sincere, as was his desire to help, mentor, or support us. Because his concern was genuine, he soon became instrumental in counseling me through this incredibly challenging and yet transformational time. The conversations that we had early on in my awakening, not to mention the spirituality seminars he created, quite literally changed the direction of my life.
    There were many times when he worked with me to accept, interpret, and make meaning of these otherworldly happenings when few others were able to. His support was so vital in my evolution that I devoted my own life to supporting others through their own self-discovery, spiritual awakening, and energetic healing.
    If you are unable to suspend your disbelief and choose to deny these kinds of experiences, there are no words I can write to convince you. Each of our journeys are entirely our own. We come to know what we’re meant to know in our own time.
    However, if you have it in you to be open to the metaphysical, then within these pages you will find a kindred spirit and a reminder that in the depths of your being lies your true point of origin. None of us are removed from the possibility of these experiences. All you need are eyes to see them, ears to hear, and an open mind to receive their truths.
    I have known Will for years. More than that, I know the story he fictionally tells comes from a place of authenticity. This book has changed the lens through which I view my own life. It has made me feel so much less isolated in those fleeting moments when I knew that I experienced a miracle but was afraid to speak of it. No longer afraid, I have the courage to speak now as bravely as he does.
    I hope this novel speaks to your soul the way it has for me. God knows, it is so needed these days.
    Courtney Force
    Author of Soul Dancer
    Forcefield Energy Healing and Soul Work –
    Malibu, CA, July 2022

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