A Quest of Transcendence (eBook) By Jason & Jolene Tierney


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Dear Reader,

We would like to share some background information on how we came to be writing this book and the influence it had on our lives along the way. Well before writing commenced, events were already unfolding to help make it possible.

Jolene, finding herself on an involuntary sabbatical, experienced her intuition and psychic abilities intensifying within a very short period of time, in spite of her attempt to quash it.

She recalls, “On the morning of the day that Jason entered my life, I was walking my dog, Teddy, around the block and met with a tall being dressed completely in white that radiated light all around. At the time I thought him to be an angel. The meeting was very brief with no words spoken, but it was understood that this was significant. I would later discover who this being really was and just how important a part he would play in my conscious development.”

As Jolene slowly came to the realization that she was being introduced to and interacting with beings not of this world, her instant reaction was to protest against it, as she didn’t want to be known as “one of those weirdo people.” Oh, how the universe really does have a wicked sense of humor!

Previously, Jason had been researching the metaphysical, which coincided with a thirteen-year journey through Europe. He was very fortunate to have had the guidance of an uncle who had been on the same sort of path for most of his life. We attended Dolores Cannon’s quantum healing course in England together in 2011. Past-life regression finally provided the practical outlet that he had been searching for for so long.

From the day Jolene and Jason met, a meaningful friendship formed through an enthusiastic sharing of knowledge on spiritual topics. In our preferred line of work doing readings and past-life regression, we were always in awe of the extraordinary events encountered.

We decided to do a swap. Jolene would do a reading for Jason and he would do a past-life regression for her. The sessions flowed beautifully and the results were profound. Then, out of the blue, along came a story that captured our hearts and imaginations.

A short version of “A Quest of Transcendence” was presented to us. “This needs to become a book!” was our reaction. Jason had been wanting to write a book ever since he took Dolores’s course. Questions arose about how we should proceed but we decided, “Let’s just play with it, do some sessions and see how it works.”

The first one took place a few weeks later using the quantum healing hypnosis technique, and after the first chapter was recorded there was still a bit of spare time before we’d usually finish up. Just to keep things interesting, there was a surprise in store for us. A consciousness was visiting with a message. This was something we hadn’t encountered before and understandably were somewhat cautious of. After establishing that this being was working for the highest good, we conversed with him at great length. It turns out he was the “angel” Jolene had seen on the day she met Jason! He became a regular visitor and served as our guide through the beginning of our blossoming relationship.

Each session was something we really looked forward to. Not only was it exciting adding a new chapter to the book, but it was also nice to see who we might meet afterward. The regressions brought out and enhanced Jolene’s channeling ability in ways she never knew possible, it was another doorway to information we otherwise wouldn’t have had access to.

Listening to the recordings and transcribing them was an intimate part of the process. It was like reliving the experience all over again, feeling the emotion, and understanding it on other levels. Any doubts surrounding the origin of what we were documenting were unable to convince us that we would actually possess an imagination capable of a story containing such deep insights. And, to our benefit we found ourselves naturally putting them into practice. It’s called conscious relating.

For all the joy we experienced along the way, there was also an element of sadness toward the end because the journey was coming to a close. Upon completion of the sessions, Malémene’s and Auberone’s presence was often felt while working with the recordings. It was a beautiful reminder of the experiences shared and served as further motivation to share her wonderful story.

Whether it be enjoyed for its insights or as a tale, we hope that it touches you in the same way it did us and that you may find your own experiences unfolding as a result.

Blessed be,
Jason & Jolene


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