Styra, Blair

Blair Styra was born in Canada in 1960 and lived the first eleven years of his life there. He and his family immigrated to New Zealand in 1971 an event that was to pave the way for his spiritual journey. As a young child in Canada he always had the feeling that there was something more about life even though he could not define it with words. He felt very attuned to a presence of energy that as an adult he understood to be spirit. In his late teens he met up with a woman who eventually became his wife. The journey that they created together acted as a catalyst for his spiritual growth, and eventually led to him discovering his ability as a channel for spirit. From that point on he began to create new ways of being on all levels. This led to his connection with Tabaash and for the last 24 years Blair has been the channel for Tabaash. The work they have done together has since taken them throughout New Zealand and internationally. In New Zealand they presented for two years a radio program called “Talking with Tabaash” as well as presenting for 12 years monthly meditation/teaching evenings. They have also run seminars on such subjects as “Bringing God into the business world” and a seminar they have run with Dr Hetty Rodenburg on Grief and Spirituality called “Travelling Light”. Blair Styra considers his work with spirit to be his authentic vibration and a life long experience. Tabaash is available for one on one personal consultation’s in person and also on Skype. Blair Styra resides with his wife Kay in Wellington New Zealand.