Lynn, Donna

Donna Lynn was one of those little children who never stopped asking “why?” She studied psychology, world religions, and metaphysics while working in healthcare in the quest for understanding the mind/body/spirit connection.

A wise teacher once told Donna “Your gentleness is your strength.” After a lifetime of being told by others that she was too sensitive, Donna decided to embrace her sensitivity when otherworldly beings showed up to answer her question of “why?” She interacted with beings that others couldn’t see and visited places that others haven’t been, overcoming extreme fear and slowly developing relationships with these entities. She has been advised that now is the time to share these experiences with others and invite them to explore new realms of possibility.Donna lives in Southern California with a feisty terrier. From the icy waters of the North Atlantic off Nova Scotia, to the warm nurturing Gulf of Mexico with its white sandy beaches, to the vast Pacific Ocean’s rhythmic waves and deep mystery, Donna has always felt the call to live near the sea. She enjoys spending time in delightful and imaginative discussion with children, who are still wide-eyed with wonder and open to the endless possibilities of the universe.