Who Catharted (eBook) By Blair Styra


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Life is speaking to us all the time; it’s full of funny, sad, perplexing and downright astounding stories all day, everyday. We are not only participating in these stories, but creating them every nano second of our Mind, Body, Spirit existence. All to often we let life simply swallow us up and our experiences seem to disappear in a myriad of systems and structures, rules, routines, feelings, actions and thoughts. It’s so important that we all stop and listen to what we are saying to ourselves and through the way we are living our lives and what the world is saying back to us!

Over the last 27 years as the channel for Tabaash living my life has sharpened me up enabling me to be a greater observer and participant in my life. I know for sure that I have literally created all my life, all its realities. In my first book

“Don’t Change The Channel” I said “Being a spiritual being doesn’t mean you stop being a human being”.

I have been on my “soul road” since my mid twenties and now in my late fifties life is still a perplexing expedition offering up more to create, more ways of growing and more ways of growing up! Despite my soul understanding I find that I can still be a complete ass about some things, make mistakes, fall over be afraid and all the other human nature things that we are all involved in. That’s the journey though and its not that those things are good or bad but they are the journey and obviously at some point in the expedition of life we get to the place where we can see how to make better arrangements. And so while we are doing this lets remember that we are all so brilliant and yet we can all still be so silly at times with the way we feel and think and participate in life. Its important that we are serious in our intentions but at times not take ourselves so seriously and to laugh at some of our endeavors and no doubt along the way offering up a good laugh for others.


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