The Liberating Power of Emotions By Reit Okken


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When we search for wholeness and a new balance between “brother reason” and “sister emotion,” we realize the extent to which we have neglected our feelings for centuries. We often only see two ways of dealing with our emotions: we either control them or we vent them. In this book, Riet Okken describes a third approach—that of healthy emotional management.

In a clear and accessible manner, she describes concrete ways of liberating ourselves from depression, jealousy, burnout, shame, addiction, and guilt through awareness, expression, and digestion of the underlying emotions. This is a completely different path than the one in which emotions and the connecting ego are let go of or avoided. This viewpoint shows us how to go through our “neurotic mire” on our journey to our divine core, our Spark of Light. This is not just another form of therapy but rather a way of life.

When we introduce movement to our pools of stagnant water and lovingly accept the flow of emotions, its transforming power will lead us to the realization of those soul qualities that are referred to by all religions and religious schools: joy, freedom, confidence, creativity, vitality, and fullness of life.

In this complete workbook Riet Okken combines her rich knowledge and many years of experience as a psychotherapist and psychologist of religion. It contains many practical case stories and has a thorough theoretical foundation.


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