The Essential Dowsing Guide (eBook) By Dennis Wheatley & Maria Wheatley


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Dowsing can be defined as the skill of being able to detect invisible targets. Dowsing specialists can find anything from mineral lodes, precious metals, gas, oil, and water supplies, to lost objects, animals and people. This comprehensive introduction explains:

  • What dowsing is and why anyone can do it.
  • The history of dowsing and famous dowsers through time.
  • Instructions on which dowsing tools to use, how best to use them, and different ways of dowsing.
  • A list of ancient sites with particular dowsing energy.

Dennis Wheatley was considered to be one of the top-dowsing teachers in Britain and his clear and well-formatted dowsing instructions are quickly grasped. During his dowsing career, Dennis taught hundreds of people how to dowse, including several famous authors and celebrities. Many professional dowsers agree that his teaching methods simply cannot be improved upon.

This timeless book written by a Master Dowser is the only introduction you will ever need.

Review in Fortean Times Magazine by Steve Marshall
Dennis Wheatley (not the occult novelist) was a renowned master dowser and teacher. His definitive guide, originally published as The Principles of Dowsing, was out of print for many years so this new edition is a welcome return. Well written, clear and concise, it makes fascinating reading, whatever one’s prior opinion of dowsing. Inspired by the work of Guy Underwood, Tom Lethbridge and Hamish Miller, there is a strong bias towards the ‘Earth Mysteries’ dowsing of ancient sites, standing stones and ‘energy lines’. One particularly interesting chapter on water divining is based on the notes and papers Wheatley inherited from Underwood.

Starting from the basics, with instructions for making coat-hanger dowsing rods, we are led through many styles and techniques of dowsing, such as the use of pendulums – for dowsing maps, as a method of divination, or even for finding lost items around the house. Each chapter concludes with tips and exercises for developing one’s own dowsing skill and accuracy. Wheatley explores some of dowsing’s history and cites a good deal of research into how it may work. For anyone wishing to learn to dowse, this is indeed an essential guide.


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