Sit a Bit – 5 Minute Meditations for Greater Health, Harmony, and Happiness (eBook) By Victor Parachin


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There are an abundance of myths and misconceptions about meditation, the most common ones being that meditation is complex, esoteric and time demanding. The reality is that meditation is easily accessible, anyone can do it and it is rewarding to all. In this book you will find 5-minute meditations and methods that can truly transform your life. You can do them right in your own home, at work, even on a train, bus or subway while on your daily commute. All it takes is 5 minutes – and an open mind. With them you will lower stress, increase peace, deepen concentration and live a life of health, harmony and happiness.

Also answered in this book:

  • What is meditation?
  • Why do people meditate?
  • Why does meditation reduce stress?
  • Does meditation conflict with my Christian beliefs?
  • How is meditation different from relaxation?
  • Do I have to sit on the floor with my legs crossed?
  • Should I meditate with my eyes open or closed?
  • Which meditation is right for me?


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