Owner’s Manual for the Mind By Patrick Andries


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The idea for Owner’s Manual for the Mind began with a single thought, “What if we were given an owner’s manual when we were born?”  Imagine what our lives might be like if we had received this guidance.  We have manuals for just about everything else.  An owner’s manual allows us to learn how to use something more effectively and to troubleshoot problems.

      The truth is that we have been given instructions on how to live a healthy and prosperous life.  This is the foundation of many great philosophies and religions. The problem that sometimes arises is that these teachings take on a certain twist that alienates people from it.  This has at times created as many problems as solutions

     There is a certain fascination in the incredible untapped potential of our minds. Some studies once suggested that we use only 10% of the capacity of our minds.  Today that estimate has been revised to about 2-3% of the power that lies within.  Imagine what more can be done with all of that as yet unrealized potential.  What is standing in our way?  How do we move into a more full realization of who we are?  These are the questions that we seek to answer in this book.


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