Kosmos (eBook) By Dennis Milner


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An Evolutionary-Wholistic Account of Creation

In this book Dennis Milner and co-workers propose that our Universe is part of a living, evolving “Kosmos” that “started life” as an unconscious state of dormant energy. This energy stirred into activity and out of this activity there has arisen a succession of Universes, in which the Kosmos expresses and experiences itself. This desire to express and experience itself in ever-greater diversity is what lies behind, and causes all the developments that take place in the Kosmos. Everything comprises interacting patterns of activity in the totality of the erstwhile dormant energy that evolves by the collective evolution of the activities taking place within it.

The investigations of science have shown how the Universe and life on Earth have developed, the Kosmos viewpoint shows why it all happened in the way that it has and the meaning and purpose behind it all.

It offers new insights into:

  • The Creation versus evolution controversy
  • The nature of “God” and Intelligent Design
  • The Big Bang theory of the creation of our Universe
  • The structure of the Universe
  • The evolution of life on Earth
  • The nature of atoms
  • The development of shape and form in the natural world
  • The meaning and purpose of our lives.


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