Guide Group Fridays By Sherri Cortland, ND

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What will you find in Guide Group Fridays? Channeled advice about Raising Vibrations & Positive Energy; Evolution, Transformation, Being Connected & Clues to our Mission; Communicating with Spirit, Higher Self, & Source; and so much more…

Who knew that Sherri Cortland’s Guides would take a liking to social media! Often, and always on Friday mornings, someone from her Guide Group (The “GG”) will drop in to chat and channel a message for Sherri’s Facebook page. When the “GG” communicated to Sherri that they wanted to put their posts into book format, Debbie Ihburg Smith organized and chronicled a year’s worth of channeled messages by subject, and Sherri added her own two cents at the beginning of each chapter. But what better way to explain why this book was written than to share Gilbert’s* original explanation to Sherri:

“Greetings! This is Gilbert. The reason we have asked you to take our Guide Group Friday posts and organize them into this format is to make it easy for readers to find guidance on certain subjects. This format also makes it easy for Lightworkers who may not realize they need a push in a certain direction to get that extra little nudge that will see them to action. We also feel that this format will aid in providing readers with a quick and easy understanding of who they truly are, and what they can accomplish when they recognize and utilize their Source-given power to create.”

* Gilbert is one of Sherri’s Guides and the lead guide for her book, Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age.

Co-author:  Debbie Ihburg-Smith


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