God’s Many Mansions By Michael Dennis


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In this Aquarian age, as we become more spiritually awakened and enlightened, more people are having psychic and paranormal experiences and making contact with the vast infinite realm of the soul and inner self. Some people are contacting more spiritually and technologically advanced beings who dwell in Creator Source’s/God’s many mansions on other planets and worlds. Hypnosis, Regressions and Dreams can especially serve as a portal for such contact to occur.

Through various techniques and psychic development, Michael Dennis, via a portal in dream time, made contact with certain advanced beings. Shortly thereafter, some of the beings were still present after he woke up. In time various other-worldly teachers began appearing in the middle of the day. These wise elder brothers and sisters imparted many profound, metaphysical teachings and practical lessons.

Lessons And Visitors Included:
*An Angelic Visitation and a Paranormal Encounter With A Spirit Muse
*Mind Melding And Hearing The Music Of The Spheres
*A Visit With Beloved Sananda/Jesus The Christ
*A Shape-Shifting Healing
*Soul Sharing and Collective Soul-Merging
*Soul Vision And Creator Source
*The Sisters Of The Pointed Flame And The Moon Deities
*Journeys Through Time
*Wisdom From the Delarians
And More!


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