Gardens of the Elder Gods By M. Don Schorn

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This third Journal of the Ancient Ones provides further documentation of otherworldly contact throughout Earth\’s ancient history, revealing a body of astonishing evidence and extraordinary revelations further supporting the Elder Gods theory. New evidence focusing on cryptic archaeological discoveries reveals advanced ancient societies suggesting they formed as a result of extraterrestrial influences. Those civilizations are substantiated with evidence from archaic texts, extant fossils, and an abundance of anomalous artifacts and relics discovered within their cultural ruins.

The probable earlier creation of life prior to its formation on Earth, perhaps as the result of universal spores, is also examined. The emergence of civilization and its spread over Earth as a possible colonization by otherworldly life is also explored, based on the latest evidence and scientific findings. The speculation that unknown early civilizations may have once existed on Earth is also investigated, with their demise likely resulting from various known cataclysms.

This volume retraces the migratory paths taken to repopulate Earth after the Great Flood, exposing the mysteriously quick reemergence of civilization once flood waters receded. Those migratory routes reveal evidence of even earlier lost cities from which later civilizations had ultimately emerged. Absence of a prior development period associated with those oldest cultures suggests that Earth\’s earliest societies were spontaneously formed as a result of external influences from beyond Earth.

* Do mythological accounts describe extraterrestrial visitors?
* Is the human race derived from an otherworldly species?
* Do archaic Easter Island folk tales describe ancient space ships?
* Did extraterrestrial visitors influence Earth\’s earliest civilizations?
* Were skyscrapers built during archaic times?
* Do accounts of ancient mythical cities actually describe otherworldly sites?
* Were Earth\’s first megalithic structures built by extraterrestrials?
* Did advanced societies exist long before the Great Flood?
* Can the earliest Gardens of the Elder Gods be found on remote Mediterranean Islands?
* Are modern explanations of prehistoric times inaccurate?
* What is the significance of the 2012 End-Date of the Mayan calendar?
* Learn of advanced ancient cultures that formed long before Egypt and Mesopotamia.
* Compare cultural similarities between civilizations half-a-world apart.
* Was Earth\’s true prehistoric past revealed to a few early cultures?
* Although written history began at Sumer, the basis of true civilization commenced much earlier.
* Was the ancient Dilmun Empire the original center of power for the younger gods?
* How did life quickly rebound after each natural cataclysm on Earth?
* The Elder Gods theory explains the continuation of life after numerous earthly disasters.


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