Embracing the Human Journey By Janie Wells


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EMBRACING THE HUMAN JOURNEY invites the reader to join an angel named Joann on an inward journey to their soul.  There are spiritual questions to answer, spiritual techniques to incorporate into your daily life and spiritual exercises.   Joann guides you every step of the way on a beautiful spiritual trail as she reveals the meaning of our earthly existence from an angel’s heavenly perspective.   Following her heavenly footsteps on each page, you begin to embrace life with open arms and celebrate the human journey as you experience for yourself that love and truth always prevail. 

          Joann remains so committed to helping others and dedicated to the physical, spiritual and emotional healing process that even DEATH is not going to stop her!  Because of her closeness with her mother during her human lifetime  Janie is now able to become Joann’s “vehicle” for delivering messages of healing to all of us. This is truly a masterpiece for Introspection and reflection.  It gives you a boost up your ladder of faith and opens your mind to heavenly possibilities.

          “I hope the book will be a kick start for anyone who needs to realize the importance of activity, both physically and spiritually.  I have an amazing daughter as an angel.  What is so profound to me is that what I tried to instill in her journey on earth has come full-circle back to me from a heavenly perspective.” Janie Wells.


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