Always Dreaming (eBook) By David Rivinus


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At night we dream, but what about during the day? Are the experiences of our waking lives any different than those scenes that come to us while we sleep?
The book Always Dreaming questions the nature of our daytime experiences. It argues that the perplexing or upsetting events of our waking hours are far more significant than we realize. The general conception is that unpleasant things simply happen to us; we are victims, passive participants in the meanness of life.

On the contrary, the disturbances in our personal worlds are metaphors that we subconsciously create. They are designed to instruct, not to distress. They unsettle us only because they are trying desperately to attract our attention.

Always Dreaming teaches a simple, five-step technique for interpreting these dream-like conflicts. When we recognize upsetting events as metaphysical messages, then act on our new understanding, solutions present themselves, and these daytime irritants—called “waking dreams”—cease. In that sense, they are remarkably like the scenes we dream at night.

The book highlights over a dozen examples of real-life events—some of them riveting—that have been discussed and analyzed in clinical sessions. An instructive narrative follows participants from their initial confrontations to the profound spiritual understandings and life changes that come when their dilemmas are resolved.


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