A Spiritual Evolution (eBook) By Nikki Pattillo


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“A Spiritual Evolution”

by Nikki Pattillo

I realized that we have been going through a spiritual evolution while we are here on Earth. We are not humans on a spiritual journey but, in fact, spiritual beings on a human journey. Throughout time, auras and vibrational frequencies have changed for the better. As time goes on, we are progressing more quickly in this spiritual evolution of our souls while here on Earth.

This book is part of what I have learned from my angels. Not everyone in life can feel happiness, but everyone has and will feel pain. It’s what connects us to each other and helps us on our spiritual evolutionary path, so it can’t be viewed as a bad thing. What is bad is how we react to the pain in life and whether or not we learn and grow from these spiritual lessons. Evolving and ascending into higher dimensions of consciousness through our spiritual evolution will always be our goal.

* Ascension
* Reincarnation
* Karma
* Healing & Evolving Through Spirit
* Spiritual Development and the Heart and Soul Connection
* Spiritual Lessons in a Spiritual Evolution
* Living in Abundance
* Manifesting Your Dreams
* Path of Awakening
* Angels Among Us


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