A Quest of Transcendence By Jason & Jolene Tierney



“What’s the meaning? What’s the life force of this flower, of the earth, the life force in me, the life force in the sky, in creation?
What dictates which form we’re created in? The word consciousness comes to mind.”


Join Malèmene and Auberone on their journey into consciousness through life itself, experiencing their connection with universal light and energy. But even in a world of telepathic communication and inter-planetary travel, all is not well.
The events related in this book have been channeled using Dolores Cannon’s past life regression technique, this time
discovering a parallel dimension.


The authors reside on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Blessed be,
Jason & Jolene

3 reviews for A Quest of Transcendence By Jason & Jolene Tierney

  1. Callette Avery

    This book was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I connected with it on a deep inter dimensional level. The connection of messages that came through gives every reader the knowing we are all multidimensional and it Gabe an excitement of knowing how we are expanding past the 3D construct that we currently live in. I highly recommend this book.

  2. Gizelle Hamilton

    Using Dolores Cannon’s past life regression technique, Jolene and Jason connect with a twin soul from a parallel universe. The transcript reads as a story, sharing elements of this parallel world through the eyes of a girl growing into adulthood. Through the regression, we obtain glimpses into a society that maintains its connection to the “I AM” and places immense importance on educating each generation on developing and maintaining a connection with their connection to Source. Most importantly, the regression played a practical role in sharing information between our worlds, allowing us to see a new potential for our world and allowing the parallel world to see what they could become if they fall into unconsciousness. The book is an easy read and provides a lovely message to the reader.

  3. Ozark Administrators

    First things first. Before we talk about what this book is about, it’s important to understand a bit about the authors and how this information was channeled.
    Jolene channels spirit. Jason is a past life regression therapist who is able to bring through events from other worlds and dimensions. Jolene did readings for Jason, and Jason did past life regressions for Jolene. Together they attended Dolores Cannon’s quantum healing course in England, and for those of us who love Dolores’s Convoluted Universe series, A Quest of Transcendence is a welcome treat.
    The Tierney’s tap into the life of Malemene and take us on a fascinating and enlightening journey as she grows from a 12-year-old girl into an adult and becomes a teacher of sacred knowledge in her world.
    Jolene recalls how embodying the essence of Malemene’s experiences helped her remember her own innate qualities within herself. Conscious living is what all of my books are about, and this quote from Jolene especially hit home…
    “It changed me. The truth is within, we just need to find it, and conscious living is a tool for that. It’s the heart’s intention put into action.”
    The thing I love most about this book is that it gives us not just a glimpse, but true insight into how a culture that incorporates the following functions…
    • chakra awareness
    • universal law
    • understanding the power of intention and overcoming ego
    • healing energetically and with herbs,
    • practicing affirmations
    • honoring both the male and female essence within
    There are conflicts and challenges faced by Malemene’s society; but, ahhhhh, this is the kind of world I dream about and long for as we move from 3D to 5D energy.
    I thank the authors for allowing us to see some of what the human race has to look forward to as we continue to evolve and move forward spiritually.

    Sherri Cortland

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