Pealer, Rev. Grant H. D.D.

Having pre-birth memories, Dr. Grant Pealer has written many discourses about the mysteries of the esoteric, including giving an extensive study of life after death. He founded the Church of Spiritual Awareness in 1990 and also established “Pealer Group”, a world-wide research group that studied the secrets of life and the universe.

Grant Pealer wrote Untold Jesus: The Two-Thousand-Year-Old Secret in 2002. Published in Pittsburgh by Dorrance, the work was based on ancient and secret documents written by those who knew Jesus personally. It was one of the first works to ever suggest Jesus survived the cross, married, and had a family. This book went into detail about that family, that secret life and many shocking revelations that have never been revealed anywhere else.

Grant Pealer also co-authored “Growing Up in the Garden of the Mad”, a screenplay about children growing up in a supernatural environment. It is presently being prepared for a television movie.

Dr. Grant Pealer’s interest in journalism began in the early 1960s when he worked on a small weekly newspaper. That was when he was first allowed to write a column about Life After Death.