Okken, Riet

Riet Okken grew up in the Netherlands and completed her studies there at the University of Groningen where she earned BS (Bachelor of Science) degrees in sociology and psychology with a minor in cultural anthropology and a MS (Master of Science) degree in clinical psychology with a minor in psychology of religion. Next she studied multiple forms of psychotherapy, such as Gestalt Therapy, Kinesiology, Postural Integration Therapy, Holotropic Therapy, and Initiatic Therapy (the latter with German Zenmaster Karlfried von Durckheim and Jungian therapist Maria Hippius).
,br> Always a lifelong learner, Riet Okken was drawn to share her knowing with others: students of theology at a theological university in the Netherlands and individuals and groups at the Spark of Light Work Center she and her partner founded in France to help others with psychotherapeutical counseling and intense training so they could discover whatever prohibited them on spiritual, mental, emotional, and/or physical level/s from awakening to the fact that they are part of the One Light.

In addition, she trained therapists in Spark of Light Work. Riet Okken no longer works with clients and students but continues to blend heart and head in her many books that are available in Belgium and the Netherlands and now here in the United States with this publication of The Liberating Power of Emotions: De kracht van de bestemming (The Power of Destination), Ankh Hermes Publishing House, 1988; Met de stroom mee (Going with the Flow), Ankh Hermes Publishing House, 1998; De bevrijdende kracht van emoties (The Liberating Power of Emotions), Astarte Publishing House, 2002, and now in English, Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2012; Lichtpuntwerk de liefdevolle ontvangst van onze emoties (Spark of Light Work: The Loving Reception of Our Emotions), Astarte Publishing House, 2004; and coming soon: Jezus ontsluierd (Jesus Unveiled).